lgoo2NTN is promoting business in the natural energy field by fusing the technology and knowhow developed over the years. Products under development include small wind turbines, hybrid street lights and micro hydro turbines that utilize highly efficient blade technology to generate electricity from less natural energy.NTN is helping to resolve the world’s environmental issues and energy problems by supplying clean energy efficiently and without emitting greenhouse gases.

Independent Supply System

NTN Hybrid Street Light


day Solar and wind power generation
night Solar and wind power generation
maru1No electrical construction or electricity expenses
The independent power supply requires no above-ground or underground wiring work, thus allowing for quick installation. Of course, no external power supply is needed!

maru1Surprising quiet
Extremely quiet even with wind speeds over 5 m/s. Due to the winglet blades and high precision NTN bearings, it has superior in silence, allowing for installation in residential areas.

maru1Stable power generation.
Plenty of electricity accumulation
Rotation is initiated with wind speeds as low as 1 m/s in any direction (360°), providing stable electricity generation. With a full battery charge, 5 days power supply for LED lighting is possible.

maru1Tough for high wind
Brake is automatically applied at wind speeds of 12 m/s or higher. In accordance with the building standards act, safe performance is confirmed for a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 60 m/s.

maru1Sophisticated design
It has a color tone and form that is in harmony with streets, parks, bus stops, schools, and advertisements.