products04Horimasa Company Ltd., established in 1933 in Japan, grew to become a major trader in the field of trading bearings and machinery parts. For satisfying various customers’ needs, ‘High Performance Motion System Development Co., Ltd.’ became a Horimasa Group company and special servo motors and servo amplifiers were added to it’s product line.

Horimasa was awarded an ISO 14001 certification in 2007 and ISO9001 certification in 2014. The company strongly dedicated itself to the cause of creating innovative environmentally sustainable enterprises. For fulfilling this goal, a green technology company ‘Horimasa City Farm Co., Ltd.’ was established in 2016. Also, Horimasa started to promote NTN Green Energy Products and European Bioplastics Products in 2017. The main purpose of these diversification is to help the planet cope with the challenges that our planet is facing, including a diminishing food supply and global warming.

Horimasa Group consists of Tokyo Head Office, 3 branches in Japan (Kanagawa, Saitama and Osaka) and overseas companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shēnzhèn, Vietnam and Hawaii.

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